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Yoga Can Help you Both Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep Throughout the Night.

By Alex McRobs

In a study performed at Harvard University, the majority of people surveyed said that doing gentle yoga before bed helped them get a better nights’ sleep. Poses such as Child’s Pose, Standing Forward Fold, Legs up the Wall, and Savasana all helped when practiced regularly.

Do you prefer a morning or nighttime yoga routine?

Here are the poses that can help you sleep throughout the night:

Corpse pose is a pose of total relaxation - making it one of the most challenging asanas.

Forward folds help you stretch the back of the body, including the backs of the legs and the upper body. But they also help you fall asleep! According to a study by Harvard Medicine, forward folds can help you sleep because they induce relaxation.

Child's Pose helps lower your blood pressure. It's calming for the mind as well when you place your third eye chakra on the ground.

Legs Up The Wall helps calm the nervous system, which is essential for falling asleep. Legs up the wall can help us trigger the relaxation response and lower stress, tension, anxiety, and insomnia.

Butterfly pose is great for releasing tight hips and inner thighs, and can help in winding down before bed. This article was originally published in the January Issue of the Sober Girls Yoga Magazine. Click here to read the full magazine.

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