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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

By Shelby Phoenix

Whose That Girl

She thought she was a rebel.

But she was drinking the poison

they fed her to quiet her mind

and dimming her light

instead of letting it shine.

So she put out her cigarette and

put down her drink. She rolled out

a yoga mat and finally, she could think.

She realized that her unhappiness

was not a misfortune put on her by others

but a path she had been herded towards

and she still had time to turn around.

She changed her direction.

And began to walk against the crowd.

She pushed and she shoved and she

found a new path.

When they told her she was lost

she never looked back.

At first it was a lonely walk

there was no one with which to talk

but along the way she found a wise guide.

When she asked them which way to go.

They told to her to look inside her heart to

find true north.

So she sat down along her way.

She squeezed her eyes tight and

breathed deep into her lungs.

And she could not believe

what was in her sight.

Her heart did not tell her to go

left or go right or west or east.

Her heart told her she was exactly

where she needed to be.

So she slowed her pace and

looked around.

She drank fresh water and ate

what grew from the ground.

She nurtured her body and practiced

using her mind.

She gathered sticks and built a

home started a fire to make it

cozy and warm.

From time to time another wanderer

stumbles by and she welcomes them in.

And when they ask her which

way to go she says “look inside

your heart to find true north”

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