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Written by An Anonymous Contributor

I feel like shit.

My heads a shed.

Think I’ll just go back to bed.

Negative mood.

Maybe I need food.

Feel this bad every day.

Something has to change.

Got stuff to arrange

Cancelled appointments

Emails unsent.

I had good intentions

At the start of the year.

I’m stuck in this cycle.

Of making plans

Yet once again

Getting on my bicycle

Heading off to the shop

At midnight

Oh what a sight.

Thank god it’s only moonlight.

I know what to do

Put down the booze

Quit the cigs

Whiten my teeth

It can all be repaired

Once again my life is spared

One day it will end

Be found by a friend

Surrounded by the mess

Of a month long binge

Then sober life will begin

How long will it last

Time goes so fast

For all my friends

Clocking up the years

They have no fears

For me it goes slow

The dark days below

Two weeks feels like a lifetime

If I had a dime

For every failed attempt

I’d surely be rich by now

I hate red wine

With a passion

Prosecco is more in fashion

It’s ethanol anyway

You put it in your car every day

We dress it up to be luxury

A treat for all festivities

It’s bullshit loud and clear

Poisoning every bone and cell

The people making the money

Think we can’t tell

They will have you believe

That it’s only a wretched few

Sat on a park bench

Bottle in hand

That’s not true

No way does it affect

Only a few

It starts with party lifestyle

That’s while you are in denial

It ends just you

All alone

Staring down your empty glass

Thinking you wished

you’d done better in class.

Then maybe you would have never

Picked up the glass.

One day I’ll quit this

And hopefully it will be forever.

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